Sudhir Babji, MD

Associate Professor of Microbiology

Sudhir Babji finished his undergraduate medical studies from Christian Medical College, Ludhiana. After fulfilling his service commitment at St. Stephen’s Hospital, Delhi, he joined Christian Medical College, Vellore to pursue his MD in Medical Microbiology. He joined the Wellcome Trust Research Laboratory (WTRL) as an Assistant Professor in 2009.

In addition to teaching and supervising the diagnostic laboratory, he works on the molecular epidemiology of rotavirus, as a scientist at the WHO Regional Reference Laboratory for the South East Asian Region based at the WTRL. He was a co-investigator on a study to ascertain the effects of probiotics on rotavirus infection and severity of disease. He is also a co-investigator on a Foundation of National Institutes of Health multicenter project to look at malnutrition and enteric diseases in a birth cohort in Vellore (MAL-ED).

In the last couple of years, he has been working towards a better understanding of the immune responses to rotavirus. He supervises and provides training for laboratory assays to measure immune response to rotavirus vaccines in clinical trials. He has set up the ELISPOT assays to detect antibody secreting cells in the blood after rotavirus and poliovirus infection or vaccination. He also received training in methods to analyze the cellular immune response by flow cytometry from John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford and is in the process of setting up these assays in the laboratory.

He is the Quality Manager for the Laboratory for Rotavirus Studies at the WTRL. He and his team are in charge of monitoring quality assurance for the laboratory.